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Turtles, Monkeys, Mambas and Spiders! Exploring South Bioko, Equatorial Guinea

Ouch! Yana, I think something bit me – I think it was a spider. Last month, my friends and I set off to explore the south part of Bioko island, hoping to see what made this island famous and research worthy by many organizations. MONKEYS AND TURTLES Bioko island is the largest of EG’s five […]

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I Opened a New Hospital in Equatorial Guinea…Sort Of…

I didn’t actually open it…Many good people were involved in the planning, building and designing the new hospital but yours truly was among the first to ever walk in a brand new hospital in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea. Mongomo is situated on the main land of EG, right next to the border with Gabon. It’s a […]

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Where to Eat in Reykjavik: My top 5 places

Warning:  This post will make you hungry! I finally made my dream come true and last January i flew to Iceland. The whole experience there was surreal, amazing and breathtaking. From the mountain views to the lovely locals, i absolutely loved everything about Iceland and already planning a trip back, preferably in the summer this time. A big part […]

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